Hello, world!

December 16th, 2021

Hi there!

This blog is where I'll (try to) write in longer form about the things I'm interested in. Lately I've been feeling restricted by the format of Twitter and other microblogging social media websites, thus the desire to start this macroblog! I'd also like to try breaking away from feeling the need for every thought I have to receive engagement, and instead putting them somewhere where even if people read them I won't even know. The thought of that seems freeing.

If you don't know me, I'm reese! I tend to do lots of different things, mostly with computers, including programming, web design, graphic design, art, talking with my friends, 3D printing, maintaining my home server, fucking around with Linux, and whatever else I'm feeling like doing at any given moment. My identity is important to me and deeply informs my political outlook. I'm 24, trans + non-binary, deaf, and I have a genetic condition which limits a lot of what I can do. I used to be more interested in debating politics and discussing theory but I really don't have much energy or patience for it these days.

I tend to want to talk about the things that I've been working on, such as this blog. Though a bit rough around the edges, Zonelet seems like a really fun idea to me. As of writing, this blog is built directly on top of the base code written by Marina Kittaka. I'm in the process of creating a fork with the goal of converting it to a server-side site which I will eventually migrate this blog to. I'm aware this kind of breaks the spirit of zonelets being static HTML/CSS/Javascript that can be hosted anywhere, but my intention is to make something that's slightly easier to maintain in the long run with the help of a templating engine. I'm also going to add some other niceties afforded by server rendering such as an RSS feed and Markdown post authoring. However I'm not going to add too much, like a database or user dashboard. Still simple, just a bit more polished. If you don't like it, zonelet is still there!

That's all for now! If you're interested in keeping up I'll post links to my Twitter whenever I make a new post.

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